Simon Woolf

Maths, Physics, Programming, Law

Simon WoolfMaths, Physics, Programming, Law


Young [programmer|maths geek|physics geek]. Elixir dev at Before that, Ruby on Rails dev at Econsultancy. Email me at to talk about anything :)


Disability Update

Website and case archive for Monika Sobiecki and Spencer Keen's Disability Discrimination Update, done on contract. Source publicly available by their kind permission. Site · Source


Sudoku webapp. Just for fun (done at Makers). Neat recursive solver/generator. Site · Source


'Html-&-css made fun' app. Everyone has their sandbox, they or their friends can edit it. Click an element for a pop-up that lets you edit its HTML and CSS. Fully versioned & revertable. Done as a project at Makers. Site · Source

Markov play generator

Select what texts you want to use as inputs, and click 'analyze'. It'll look at the word just before the cursor position and give you the top 10 suggestions for the next word as button, click a word to insert it. Site · Source


As of June 2014, I am no longer available for maths and physics tutoring, as I am working full-time. For reference, here is my page on tutorhunt

We highly recommend Simon as a diligent and friendly tutor.Kathleen

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